Reckless Girls

Similar to Everything We Didn’t Say, when I started this, I wasn’t so sure. I was thinking it may be too young for me. I didn’t like the main character and I don’t enjoy thrillers about young and reckless twenty-somethings the way I do about older couples (you know I love a scorned ex-wife) or unreliable middle-aged women. (Also, I hate saying this, but the glaring yellow cover really put me off!). But I enjoy Rachel Hawkins’ writing (I LOVED The Wife Upstairs) and so I plodded through. Before I knew it, I was heavily invested and needed to know what happened. I read it in about 36 hours, staying up late just to finish it. Lux and her boyfriend Nico have moved to Maui with grand plans of traveling the world by sailboat, but things keep going wrong for them. Nico’s boat is broken and Lux has just been fired from her job. An opportunity arises and the two agree to take two college girls to a deserted island on their sailboat for $50,000. What could go wrong? Only the fact that the island has a sordid history: cannibalism, murder, shipwreck, and more! When they get arrive at Meroe Island, they meet a couple and the six of them become fast friends. At first, they’re all just enjoying island life… until they realize just how cut-off they are, and things start to go wrong. When one person from their group goes missing and another turns up dead, things go from tropical vacation to learning how to survive. Order on or Amazon!