Rabbit Hole

I did not care for this one. In fairness, it is well written, but the plot just didn’t do it for me. It was very sleepy, nothing happened for a long time, the main character was an unlikeable mess, and I didn’t like the ending. So if you (like me) are a plot-person, you can skip this! Ten years ago, Teddy’s sister Angie went missing. Her case remains unsolved. Now, her father has killed himself. As Teddy scrambles to take care of her mother and try to clean up her dad’s messes, she realizes he was heavily active in an unsolved mystery Reddit community that was fixated on Angie. Teddy finds herself slipping into the same rabbit hole. She finds herself getting into trouble at work, spending time with a young (troublesome!) girl who reminds her of Angie… losing her moral compass and becoming more and more of an unreliable narrator. Old memories pop up. Her behavior becomes more and more erratic. Can she figure out what happened to her sister (without losing everyone who is important to her?) It’s hard to read and also very slow. I will say that I felt like it captured Reddit forums really well. (And like I said, it’s very well written) But overall I just did not enjoy this book!