Pretty Little Wife

I thought I was treating myself to a dumb cheesy thriller based on the title but NO. This is not a cheesy thriller at all, it’s very dark (TW: sexual assault, pedophlia, spousal abuse, murder). It’s part mystery (experienced through the lense of the detectives trying to solve the case) and part thriller (also told through the lense of the main character, who may or may not have attempted to kill her husband). Lila Ridgefield is cold and unfriendly, with a horrible, traumatic past. When her husband Aaron disappears, she is the main suspect. But as girls in their quaint college town go missing, the investigators start to wonder if the disappearances are coincidences or somehow connected. Through the book secrets in Lila’s marriage unravel and we wonder if maybe Aaron deserved to disappear. This is twisty and fun. Kept me on my toes to the point where I read it in just a day or two! Order it on Amazon or

Author: Darby Kane