Pineapple Street

I really, really enjoyed this book. (And if you remember at the end of last month, I’d lost a book to my house; this is the one: I liked it so much that I bought it twice.) Sarah from My Sister Made Me Buy It pointed out that not a lot happens, that it feels like really good people watching. And not a lot does happen (well, the characters get into and out of relationships, they lose and find jobs, get pregnant, etc.) but there isn’t any drama or huge plot. But the conversations and observations are what make this book such a gem (and really hilarious at times). I’d love to watch it as a TV show. The character development is fantastic (I’m still thinking about these people), and author’s understanding of New York’s 1% is spot on (at least… I think it is, I don’t really know firsthand!). The book centers around three women. Darley (oldest daughter) who traded her inheritance and job for motherhood; her sister Georgiana (the baby) who falls in love with someone she can’t have and finds herself in a precarious situation; and Sasha, who married into the family and finds herself constantly feeling excluded. This book is smart, clever, and truly delightful to read.

Author: Jenny Jackson