Perfectly Famous

This one had been blurbed by so many favorite authors that it was high on my list. And after The Book of Longings, I wanted a light and fun thriller. I read this in an afternoon – it’s quick and fun. I was only medium on it though – a solid B, B+. Ward DeFleur is a famous author, who has everything. The multi-million dollar house in Connecticut, a loyal fan base, and a career that just continues to grow and grow. Then one night, while she is at an event for her book tour, her teenage daughter (and best friend!) Stevie is brutally murdered. Consumed by her grief, she disappears… making the hard decision to never write again. Meanwhile, Bree Bennett is recently divorced and getting back into journalism. Ward is her favorite author and Bree becomes obsessed with tracking Ward down and telling her story. But Ward does not want to be found, and Stevie’s killer remains at large. This one is fun and fast paced and I really enjoyed it. But the first 150 pages were on the slower side and I guessed the twist (though there’s another twist at the end that I loved!). So it only gets a B, but it’s still worth reading, especially as a palate cleanser after something heavier!