People We Meet on Vacation

Oh my gosh, this book is so cute. My introduction to Emily Henry. Becca said it was her favorite book she’s read all year. It’s been spun as a modern day When Harry Met Sally and I didn’t see too many parallels but I really enjoyed it regardless. Alex and Poppy are college best friends. They couldn’t be more different – Alex is a teacher who loves his khakis and longs for a conventional life whereas Poppy is a wild child who wants to travel the world (she’s a travel writer) and never settle down. But they are as close as can be, and every summer without fail, they plan “The Summer Trip.” The book opens and Poppy and Alex are just not as close as they used to be. The trip didn’t happen last year, and Poppy desperately misses Alex. She convinces him to plan one more trip (to Palm Springs – which was fun, as I read it while I was there). The book alternates between past summer trips and the current one, as we figure out what happened to their friendship, and what is going to happen next for them. It is a very cute romcom of a book. I really liked both characters (I typically find most of the leads in romcom style books to be annoying, which is why I don’t always enjoy the genre) and it’s my favorite romance type of book I’ve read in ages. Really cute and heartwarming, with a satisfying ending. Order on or Amazon!