Our American Friend

A political thriller! And oh my gosh, I cannot stop thinking about this book. Also: because I know so little about Melania Trump, I can’t help but feel like this was about her (it’s not – it’s purely fiction!!!). Sofie is a young but burnt out journalist, tired of covering the Caine (a very very Trump-ish president) administration. When the first lady, Lara Caine, reaches out to her asking her to write her biography, she is baffled, but intrigued. Lara has shown so little of herself to the world… notoriously private and aloof. All anyone really knows is that  she was born in Soviet Russia and raised in Paris – modeling, and eventually moving to the US where she met Henry Caine (aka Donald Trump). As the two women work together, they grow closer and begin to really trust each other. Lara entrusts Sofie with some huge, (unbelievable) secrets about her past. I don’t want to say anything else for fear of giving something away, but this is a must read. I couldn’t put it down! Alternating between 70s Russia and Paris (I loved the “book within a book” format) and modern day, I couldn’t put this down. Seriously – I missed dinner as I didn’t want to stop reading. This is fast paced and smart and just really fun! Order on Bookshop.org or Amazon.

Author: Anna Pitoniak