Only if You’re Lucky

Our main character Margot has just finished up her freshman year of college. It’s been an uneventful year, mostly hunkered down as she grieves her best friend who died right before they were supposed to start college together. When larger than life, glamorous Lucy Sharpe takes Margot under her wing and invites her to live together, it feels like a lucky break. Life is going to get exciting again, and Lucy begins to feel like she finally has close girlfriends again. She is coming out of her shell and finally having fun, feeling like she belongs. Things get messy when a boy from Margot’s past shows up. Messier when he is found dead. And even messier when Lucy disappears. This is a slow-burn thriller. Not a lot happens for the first 70% of the book. It is still good, but a bit slow. I liked this but did not love it (my expectations may have just been too high; I felt disappointed as Willingham’s other two books were A and A+ level!). Besides being slow, I thought the ending was dumb and a little bit lazy. I am giving it a B+ only because if I hadn’t had such high expectations from Willingham’s other books, I might have enjoyed it more.