One Perfect Couple

This book is a wild ride and a nod to Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. Lyla is a scientist whose research project has fizzled out. In a weak moment, she is persuaded by her boyfriend Nico to sign up for a reality TV show, One Perfect Couple. Nico is a struggling actor and believes this is his last big chance to make it. Although she has a lot of hesitations, Lyla finds herself with Nico in paradise: on a tropical island, 20 hours away from Jakarta. The two of them will compete against four other couples. But once they arrive, things start to go awry. Nothing is really as it was promised. The food is terrible, the resort doesn’t feel like it is finished. Lyla questions how safe it is. And then, after the first challenge, everyone is angry! That night, a horrible storm takes things to a new level of bad. There is no electricity, and no way to call home (since they all had to give their phones and devices up). The group has to band together to try and survive. Tensions run high, they are running out of food and water… things begin to feel like life or death. I will say no more but this one is really scary at times! I couldn’t put it down and read in a single day.