One By One

I never miss a Ruth Ware book and (though a little late to reading it) I really enjoyed this one. It had a great twist and the ending was really scary!!!! It’s set in the French Alps and right from the start you know it’s going to be gruesome as it opens with a newspaper article talking about the house of horrors and deaths that have taken place after a horrible snow storm and avalanche.. It begins as a retreat for a tech startup (a music-related social media company), and sounds like an absolute dream: a luxurious chalet with a private chef and housekeeper? Sign me up! But when one shareholder presents a buyout opportunity, everything goes awry and the team members begin to argue about the future of the company. When a dramatic avalanche occurs they are snowed and cut off from the outside world without electricity, heat, or cell phone reception and one by one, different team members begin to disappear. A killer is among them and no one knows who it could be. Everyone is a suspect. I really liked that it was told from the perspective of two different women on the trip (who also happen to be outsiders in their own ways). I couldn’t put it down and loved the twisty surprise… I didn’t guess the killer! Order on or Amazon.