Oh I LOVED this book. And sometimes I will feel a little bit guilty reading something so far from the pub date (it comes out 9/8/20) but this one was sitting on my shelf just taunting me! If you know me, then you know that Younger (which is based on a book!) is one of my all time favorite shows, about a woman in her 40’s who re-enters the workforce, pretending to be 26. And this is the sequel. I didn’t read the first book but watch the show religiously so was fine. Liza is now turning 50, and a little lost in life. She’s broken up with her on again off again boyfriend Josh, her daughter Caitlin is pregnant, and she’s just published her book, Younger! Her friend Kelsey is out in LA, shopping the book around, and it gets optioned for a show. So Liza heads West to help work on the show. Through that we are introduced to a whole new cast (literally) of characters, including high-maintenance actress Stella and older dreamboat actor Hugo. Hugo is playing her boss (think Charles in the show) and the two of them develop quite a flirtation. I loved this book. It isn’t going to change your life or leave you thinking for days, but it scratched such an itch for me and made me really happy. Highly recommend pre-ordering it and that way in September you’ll get a little treat in the mail!