Nothing More to Tell

If you have followed a while, you probably know that I am a big fan of Karen M. McManus’s books. While I don’t read much YA these days, I feel like she writes YA for adults. Books about teenagers behaving badly that adults will still really enjoy. You get that high school nostalgia, but it’s not cutesy or saccharine: instead there is a complex mystery.. riddled with suspense (that will keep even the most sharp-witted adult on the edge of their seat!). This might be my favorite of all her books! Brynn left Saint Ambrose five years ago… just after the shocking murder of her favorite teacher. The story made headlines after the body was found by three students. Brynn has now moved home and has landed her dream internship for a true-crime show. She becomes fixated on the case and finding out what really happened to Mr. Larkin. But as she digs deeper (along with Tripp – her former close friend turned enemy turned maybe friend again – who was one of the students who found the body), secrets are unraveled. Was her favorite teacher who she thought he was? Is Tripp who he says he is? I loved this. Couldn’t put it down. The second half especially… I stayed up late to finish it which you know is a good sign!

Author: Karen M. McManus