Not a Happy Family

This was… not good. It bummed me out as I really enjoyed The Couple Next Door, a few years ago. I found it really predictable and I guessed who the murderer was pretty early on. A wealthy couple is found murdered just after Easter, and an investigation begins. At first the police believe it to be a robbery, but they quickly change their tune, believing it to be someone close to the family… or maybe a member of the family. As time goes on we learn that this family was indeed… not a happy family. The father was abusive and vindictive toward the kids, the mom complacent. All three adult children become suspects, and no one trusts a soul. Who could have done it? Who was capable of murder? Or was it actually an outside job. The book takes us through the investigation. Parts were really interesting (and it could be that I read too many of these types of book) but I just found it to be super predictable, a bit of a slog at times, and I guessed the ending really early on. I would skip this one if I were you! Order on or Amazon.

Author: Shari Lapena