No One Needs To Know.

Lindsay Cameron is quickly becoming one of my favorite thriller authors. (This one is not out until May, so if you have not read it yet, order her other book Just One Look to tide you over — that is one of my favorite books!). Lindsay Cameron just does wealthy, Upper East Side (and messed up/dark) so well. This one felt like a mashup of Big Little Lies and Gossip Girl… I read it in a day! The book follows three women living in the same neighborhood. There is Poppy, the wealthy and beautiful socialite whose husband doesn’t want to have sex with her; Heather, the outsider who will do anything to give her daughter a better life than she had; and Norah (my favorite character), the managing director of a bank who can’t seem to balance motherhood and work. The one thing these women have in common is that they are all using the same anonymous forum where they confess their darkest secrets and desires… think Reddit meets Nextdoor, maybe? When the site is hacked, their secrets come to light. But also, a death… and subsequent murder investigation. Meanwhile, there are other little plots happening. The cut-throat race to get into high school. An affair. Drama and drug use amongst the tween set. This was a very fun read; I couldn’t put it down!

Author: Lindsay Cameron