No Filter

This book has gotten a lot of buzz in the social media world and as someone who has been on Instagram since the early days (when I just used it as a filter to post my photos to twitter – LOL) I found it fascinating. I loved learning more about the decisions behind each of the choices the founders made and it was so interesting to learn how they built the business and grew it from a tiny app into the thing we all know and love today. I really enjoyed learning more about the founders and the decisions they made along the way to become successful, what it was like making the decision to sell their company to Facebook (and ultimately surrender creative control). Everything they did (even the filters!) was done for a reason and has a story behind it. Frier also talked to several prominent influencers and touched on influencer culture a bit. It was all just SO interesting. I couldn’t put it down and learned a TON from reading it. It’s not as salacious as The Social Network (the story just isn’t as scandalous!) but if you enjoyed that book, you will probably really enjoy this one!