Never Saw Me Coming

OK, this book is fun! And a bit unexpected. Chloe Sevre is a freshman at a college in DC. She is an honor student, she’s beautiful and popular. She also happens to be a psychopath. Her days are spent exercising, going to classes and parties, and plotting to kill Will Bachman (a boy from her past who did something terrible to her when she was young). Chloe is a part of a special program at her college; an unusual clinical study of psychopaths. Students like her who lack empathy and can’t comprehend emotions… but want to learn and grow and live productive lives in society. Their moods and movements are tracked, and every week they meet with a famous psychologist. Things seem to be going great for Chloe until a student turns up dead in the psychology building. And then another. Chloe slowly realizes that someone is targeting the students in her program. The tables are turned and in addition to killing Will, she now must race to catch a serial killer before it’s too late. To do so, she must learn to trust two other psychopaths from the program (but can you ever really trust a psychopath?). This was fun, unique, and a total page turner. I loved it!