Missing White Woman

This was smart, fun, and a wild ride. Breanna is supposed to be on a romantic vacation with her new boyfriend Ty. He’s taken care of everything and rented a gorgeous four floor row house in Jersey City for the two of them to enjoy. Everything is going fine until one morning, she wakes up to find Ty missing and a dead body in the living room. Things escalate as she becomes certain that the body is Janelle Beckett, a white woman who has been missing for several days. The entire Internet is obsessed with Janelle’s disappearance. It’s inspired a famous (white) influencer to conduct her own investigation on social media and a mob-like hunt to discover what happened to Janelle. Bree is now a Black woman all alone in a new city, completely out of her element. As the social media mob closes in with accusations against Ty and then Breanna, she struggles to figure out what really happened…. all the while being doxxed, cyber-bullied, and accused of something she did not do. She finds herself turning to the only person who can help her but the last person she wants to talk to: her ex-best friend, now a hot-shot lawyer. There is so much to love about this book. The plot is fast-paced and twisty, and really kept me on my toes. I love the look it gives about social media and the Internet’s mob-mentality. And I loved the dynamic (and tension) between Breanna and her ex-best friend Adore. Highly recommend!