Miracle’s Boys

This was recommended to me by Elizabeth Acevedo when she came on the podcast. Published back in 2010 this is more of a children’s book than a YA adult (I think?) and I wanted to read it because a) it’s a big focus for me to read stories about people with different backgrounds than my own and b) Elizabeth Acevedo recommended it and she’s one of my favorite authors/someone I respect so much. It’s told from the perspective of a 12 year old Black boy (Lafayette). His father died when he was just a baby, his mother died more recently (his 22 year old brother Ty’ree is raising them and working around the clock to try to keep the family together), and his formerly loving and sweet brother Charlie has just gotten home from reform school and is now hostile and cruel. The book is short but powerful. One weekend, events unfold and the brothers must choose whether to be there for each other or give in. This one made me cry! It’s a fast read only 131 pages and larger text… read it in an afternoon and then pass it along to someone younger!