Meant to Be Mine

I loved this book! I am not a big romance person but have loved other books by Hannah Orenstein (especially, Head Over Heels). This one has such a fun premise. Edie Meyer is a talented stylist living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (this book gave me allllll the nostalgia and made me miss my old Brooklyn life!). For years, her grandmother Gloria has predicted the exact date that her family members met their significant others. On Edie’s “day,” the day she’s waited for her entire life (and even broke up with a seemingly wonderful boyfriend for), she has a very adorable meet-cute with handsome rocker Theo. But as time goes on, Theo and her seem to be really different people – and he doesn’t seem like he’s going to be able to commit to her. Edie is forced to decide: stick with her chosen person and settle, or dream big and look for something more! I loved this and it definitely kept me guessing as to what would happen. I will say that I wish it ended differently but that didn’t take away any of the enjoyment for me. This is a fantastic summer read. Light, fun, and a total page-turner.

Author: Hannah Orenstein