Matchmaking for Beginners

This is one of the most heartwarming books I’ve ever read. Becca recommended it to me and it is the cutest, sweetest book I’ve read in ages. I will admit that I really related to the main character (if you’ve ever been on the receiving side of a terrible breakup, you will appreciate this book) which could be why I liked it so much but all of the characters are so deeply likable and relatable and you just fall in love with all of them. Marnie MacGraw just wants an ordinary life. She’s engaged to Noah (who is a bit of a privileged asshole) and meets his “crazy” great aunt Blix at their engagement party. The two of them feel a connection immediately. Blix passes away and leaves Marnie her Brooklyn brownstone (despite only having met her twice, and just as Marnie’s marriage is imploding after two weeks) and all sorts of magical stuff ensues.

Author: Maddie Dawson