Marriage Vacation

Despite being a HUGE Younger fan (#teamCharles!!!) and glowing reviews from many of you, I had very little interest in reading this book as it seemed a little gimmicky. This is Charles’ ex-wife’s story (but if you don’t watch Younger you could still totally read this. Pauline is 40, and a burnt out Upper East Side mommy. She heads to a wedding solo and… doesn’t come back… opting to fly halfway around the world to Thailand. This is the story of a woman’s year off from being married. I thought it was very cute and well written but the story line does annoy me a bit – Pauline has such a martyr complex (This could also be because I didn’t really like her character on the show, too.) Still, it’s a cute fast read and as a die-hard Younger fan it was fun having this to read when new episodes can’t come quickly enough!