Margo’s Got Money Troubles

This is one of those books that was hyped to me for so long before it came out. But I had a real block around actually picking it up and reading it. Did I want to read about a teen mom who starts an OnlyFans with the help of her father? Definitely not. But did I wind up deeply enjoying it? Also a definite yes. Margo is a 19 year old college student who has an affair with her professor. Her mother is a former Hooters waitress (now dating an evangelical Christian) and her father is a former pro wrestler. She’s always known she’d have to support herself. Despite everyone in her life telling her not keep the baby, she decides to go forward and becomes a mother. She loves Baby Bodhi but can’t balance everything – she quickly finds herself unemployed and on the verge of being evicted. When her estranged father shows up and asks to move in with her, she agrees. Through watching some of the wrestlers her father manages, she gets the idea to start an OnlyFans to make some money on the side. Before she knows it, she’s become a runaway success on the platform. But with it comes judgment, estrangement from friends and family… not to mention, the weirdos and strange requests she deals with. But Margo has finally figured out a way to stand on her own two feet and support herself and her son. The book is unputdownable, despite the strange plot. It’s funny, heartwarming, and surprisingly tender at times. I loved the relationship between Margo and her father.