Main Character Energy

This is a light and fun read. It isn’t my usual genre, but after getting back from vacation I just wanted to cozy up with something cute and happy. This delivered. The main character bugged me at times (she self-sabotages a lot which is equal parts annoying and relatable) but I ultimately enjoyed it, reading it in just a couple days. Poppy is in a bad place. She dreams of becoming a writer, but instead writes listicles for a content factory type of site (it felt like a mashup of Buzzfeed and Thought Catalog). Meanwhile, her brother is a successful, famous author. Her relationship with her mother is fraught at best, and she’s become convinced that as a plus-sized woman, if she just looked differently, her life would be so much easier. Everything changes in an instant. When her glamorous and mysterious aunt passes away, she is set to inherit her aunt’s mysterious writing retreat in the south of France. The only caveat? She must finish writing a book in six months. Poppy takes off for France and her whole life changes. She’s finally able to put her writing first. She meets a few different handsome men. She’s making real connections. But her tendency to self-sabotage gets in the way. I will say no more, but the end is very satisfying! I ultimately enjoyed this a lot.

Author: Jamie Varon