Made For You

This is a fun one. I would describe it as Annie Bot meets The Bachelor. (Bots seem to be trending this summer?) Julia Walden is a Synth (aka a synthetic human / bot). She’s totally lifelike and human in every visible way. She ages, she can have babies, she thinks and feels freely, she needs sleep just like the rest of us. Still, her existence is controversial; she has a lot of haters who don’t believe bots should exist at all. In this case, Julia was designed for one reason… to be a contestant on The Proposal and win the heart of the bachelor, Josh. She’s literally… made for him. The story is told in dual timelines; alternating between her time on the show and what comes after. Fifteen months after the show ends, Julia and Josh are married, raising their daughter in rural Indianapolis. Something is off in their marriage and we aren’t quite sure what that could be. But when Josh goes missing, Julia’s world is turned upside down as she becomes the prime suspect in his murder. The sheriff, who (like many people) hates Synths is eager to lock Julia up immediately. Julia must race to figure out what happened on her own. But who can she trust? As she struggles to figure out who killed her husband, bombshell truths are revealed: about her makers, about her existence, about her husband. It is twisty and fun and a total page turner.