I bought this book a couple years ago when it first came out – I think a few of you had recommended it to me, plus it had been on all sorts of lists (Vogue named it one of the best books of 2019). OK. It’s a short, but very creepy read. It’s told from an unnamed protagonist, living in Brooklyn. Her life is falling apart. She is involuntarily childless, and her husband has left her… living alone in a third floor walk-up with his cat. Meanwhile across the block, a beautiful famous actress lives. Her life seems perfect. Three beautiful children, a doting and handsome husband, a beautiful home and a full staff. This book chronicles the narrator’s undoing. Her growing fascination with the actress, her desperation. It’s a fascinating look at how some people can seemingly have everything, while others… nothing. It’s incredibly dark (and weirdly funny/entertaining at times), and left me very unsettled afterward. It’s a quick read but will stick with you! Order it on Amazon or Bookshop.org.