Live Learn Love Well

My friend Hitha told me to read this when we went to dinner and I actually can’t remember why! I think maybe the Cape Cod angle, or maybe talking about safety nets. But I needed a new audiobook and this seemed light, fun, and happy. In listening to it, I broke my new(ish) rule of “no memoirs about people you don’t know” as I wasn’t super familiar with Emma’s Peloton classes (I run vs. bike), but I wound up really enjoying it as I like her storytelling. I didn’t really take away anything new and groundbreaking from it but I loved her stories. Although we’ve had different lives we grew up similarly (her on Martha’s Vineyard, me on Cape Cod) and lived in New York for a time. I related to her stories of taking risks when you don’t have a safety net… those early years in New York where you are just cobbling everything you can together to get by. It was a fun and easy listen!