Little Secrets

I was convinced that the universe did not want me to read this book. The first copy I ordered was lost in the mail and the second came but was misprinted… the first half of the book was upside down/printed backwards. It had come highly recommended by @things.i.bought.and.liked (and I reallllly wanted a thriller), so I read it anyway. Let’s just say that I am very glad I persevered… this was SO good. There is a trigger warning for suicide. Marin and her husband Derek were madly in love, but fifteen months ago their little boy was abducted in plain site, kidnapped by someone dressed up as Santa. Marin was with him at the time and blames herself. Meanwhile, in present day, the PI she hired to help her find her son has discovered something else: her husband is cheating on her with a 24 year old (McKenzie Li). Marin becomes unhinged. She couldn’t save her son but she can save her marriage. And she will do *anything* to get McKenzie out of the picture. When Mary Kubica (another fav) blurbed this she said “You don’t just read this book; you inhale it.” She was right!!!! I’d just add that you exhale very deeply at the end. Whew. A wild ride! Order on or Amazon.

Author: Jennifer Hillier