Listen For The Lie

This is the ideal thriller to spend an afternoon (turned into evening) reading the whole thing, which is exactly what I did one Saturday afternoon. Lucy and Savvy were the best of friends in their small Texas town. Savvy was the homecoming queen who everyone adored, whereas Lucy was less likeable, but when Lucy moved back to their town after college, her and Savvy became thick and thieves. And then one night, Savvy is brutally murdered and Lucy is found wandering the streets… covered in her best friend’s blood. She can’t remember anything from that night or who killed her best friend but everyone thinks Lucy is the murderer. Five years later, Lucy has left town and started a new life in Los Angeles. She is doing alright until: the hit crime podcast “Listen for the Lie” decides to investigate Savvy’s murder. Lucy is fired from her job and returns home determined. to solve her friend’s murder (even if she is the one who did it). This was fun and fast paced, I couldn’t put it down! I loved the podcast angle, and I loved the chemistry between Lucy and the podcast host (handsome, talented Ben Owens).