Liking Myself Back

Influencer memoirs and books are a dime a dozen and tend to typically be very surface level and oftentimes boring? I really enjoyed this one, as Jacey was not afraid to get real and show the lest glamorous (and often mortifying) sides of blogging, etc. The toll it can take on a relationship. The impact that instagram’s algorithm can have on your mental health. The snark sites. She talked about it all and wasn’t afraid to go deep and get real. I really appreciated her candor, especially in talking about her relationship with her husband (every influencer makes their marriage look so perfect!), and her mental health. Not very many people (and I get it, I’d be nervous sharing so much too) are willing to get that vulnerable, so I appreciated that. On a less serious note, it was a fun retrospective on the last ten or so years of blogging. I’d always admired Jacey’s work (her fashion week diaries, her ability to share things that seem so “in the moment,”) I appreciated her pulling the curtain back and telling it like it really is/was. I read this in a single day and thought she did a great job. Order on or Amazon!

Author: Jacey Duprie