Like a Sister

This started a little slow but it was excellent (and the twist/ending was sooo good!). When Desiree Pierce’s body turns up in a playground in the Bronx, everyone automatically assumes it’s an overdose. Desiree is a party girl, funded by her hip-hop mogul father. But one person knows better: her estranged older half sister, Lena. Even though the two women haven’t spoken in two years, Lena knows Desiree would never venture above 125th street (and that her sister was too vain for needles). She just knows that something off. Lena is determined to figure out what happened to her sister, and will leave no stone unturned… suspecting everyone from her sister’s best friends, boyfriends past and present… even their father! This is a super twisty mystery, unveiling dark family secrets, making Lena question how well she actually knew her sister. I loved this book as it made me suspect absolutely anyone and everyone.. and left me shocked by the end! By Kellye Garrett Order on Book or Amazon.

Author: Kellye Garrett