This is such a cute book, and would make for a great beach read. Twins Jo and Amy have been best friends since birth. And when Amy married Ben, the three of them were thick as thieves… inseparable! Now though, everything seems different. It’s Jo’s wedding weekend at their family house on Fire Island. Amy and Jo haven’t spoken in months. Amy and Ben are estranged, we just know that something happened months ago that rocked their world. Meanwhile, Jo seemingly barely knows her fiancĂ© Dave, and Dave’s parents seem dead set on stopping the wedding. The cherry on the top? A man from Amy’s past has turned up at the wedding – the one who got away. She cannot stop thinking about him and begins to question her marriage. This one is packed with family drama and you just want to shake the main character (Amy) at times. I gobbled it up and loved the ending. You’ll want to read this in a single afternoon!

Author: Becky Chalsen