Kill For Me, Kill For You

Before I dive into any gripes, I want to say that I loved this book. I read it in under 24 hours because the plot was so engaging. I had to know what happened. It had several big twists and turns and a dramatic twist at the ending. The plot is a ten! That being said, the writing is just medium… you could tell the author never lived in New York (everyone had “houses,” transportation logistics seemed off at times), and his descriptions were strange at times (I couldn’t get over him describing a character’s hair as “hazel brown.” Isn’t that an eye color?) Anyway, I am a tough crowd but all of those things aside still gave this book an A- as I loved the plot, which takes inspiration from Strangers on a Train. Amanda and Wendy meet in a grief support group and immediately bond as they’ve suffered similar tragic losses. After a night out, the two women make a deal — each promising to kill the men who destroyed their families. If you kill for me, I’ll kill for you. What could possibly go wrong!? Meanwhile across town, Ruth is home alone in her beautiful brownstone and is brutally attacked by a man with piercing blue eyes. She doesn’t know if she will ever feel safe again. The book is fast paced and twisty as the two stories intersect. I gasped at the ending!