Just One Look

OK, I absolutely loved this! I needed a palate cleanser after Too Late (see below) and this was a slight gamble as I hadn’t seen much about it (though it was blurbed by so many of my favorite authors). If you loved You (or books by Liv Constantine or Sarah Pekkanen & Greer Hendricks, you will love this!). It’s got stalking, suspense, and an unhinged-but-still-loveable protagonist. Cassie’s life is in shambles: due to a previous incident at her last firm (we’re not sure what it was, we just know it was embarrassing) she is doing temp work. We also know that her father was very sick, her mother is not in the picture, and her boyfriend has dumped her. During her temp work for another law firm, one of the senior partners’ emails is accidentally leaked. Suddenly, she is immersed in all of the loving emails between Forest and his wife Annabelle. She can’t stop herself from reading them and in time knows all of the intimate details of Forest and Annabelle’s seemingly perfect life. When a real life encounter leads her to believe that he may no longer be married, she becomes determined to replace Annabelle. For the first time in forever, she feels hopeful. But are things as they seem? Does she even have a chance? Does she want a chance? This book was positively addictive – I couldn’t put it down. Any book that makes me want to stay up past 2am is a must-read in my book! Order on Bookshop.org or Amazon.

Author: Lindsay Cameron