In My Dreams I Hold a Knife

I read this book when I really needed a distraction (Russia had just invaded Ukraine). Something unputdownable that would hold my attention, as I just can’t read “serious books” when the world feels like it is on fire. This delivered. 7 students at the elite Duquette (a fictional Duke?) University were thick as thieves. Until one (beautiful, confident Heather) was murdered, and another (her boyfriend Jack) was accused of the crime. This is a common thriller theme, but I really enjoyed this! The 5 remaining friends return to Duquette for their ten year reunion. The story is told from Jessica Miller’s perspective. She’s always felt invisible and not good enough, with some narcissistic, sociopath tendencies (so we have another favorite thriller trope – the unreliable narrator). When they arrive at the reunion, they’re immediately confronted by Heather’s little brother. Once a skinny freshman, he’s all grown up and has dedicated his life to figuring out what happens. The friends are forced to confront what happened. Secrets come out. It’s told in dual timelines (then and now) and like I said, completely unputdownable. This is your perfect read in a day thriller… Order on or Amazon. 

Author: Ashley Winstead