In a New York Minute

As you know, I am more of a murder and suspense kind of girl, but I had heard amazing things about this book and I absolutely loved it. It’s well worth the pre-order (especially if you love/miss New York right now – it will provide all of the warm and fuzzy nostalgia for the city). Franny is having the worst day.. She gets laid off from a job that she doesn’t even really like and then on the subway her dress gets stuck in the door and rips, leaving her nearly naked. When a stranger (handsome Hayes) lends her his jacket, the moment goes viral on instagram and the two of them become known as the “Subway QTs.” Neither of them is particularly crazy about this, but they wind up on TV together, keep bumping into each other, and ultimately forming an unlikely friendship. I loved this because it made me nostalgic for my younger years in New York. Also, the story arc is so good… and I really fell in love with these characters. It is such a fun read… I hope it becomes a series as I would really love more from these characters! Order on or Amazon.