I’ll Never Tell

Right off the bat I had a hard time getting into this one. There are so many characters (five siblings and the groundskeeper) and none of them are particularly likable. I was tempted to stop reading, but I’m glad I did because it got really good toward the end. Here’s the premise. The MacAllister family owns a summer camp outside of Montreal. The parents tragically die, leaving the camp to the 5 siblings… but it’s conditional. They have to figure out what happened twenty years ago, when a horrible crime was committed. Amanda Holmes (which is the name of my high school best friend, so that was creepy!) was found bludgeoned at camp 20 years ago. But no one knows what happened. All 5 siblings suspect each other, and so they retrace the events of the evening to figure out what happened! Once I got into it, I was really into it. It’s a fun read that keeps you guessing!