If I Had Your Face

First of all, this is going to be our February 2021 Bad on Paper Book club book… I can’t wait to talk about it with you! Set in modern day Korea, this book is a wild look at Korean beauty standards  and plastic surgery (I found myself googling different procedures and gasping!). I had thought that maybe it was an exaggeration but many of you chimed in to say that no, it is not!  Aside from that, this is the story of five women and their struggles and friendship. I absolutely LOVED each women for different reasons, and thought the character development was incredible, especially the protective friendship between Sujin and Ara. There is Ara, mute after a horrible accident, who is a hairdresser and obsesses over a Korean boy band star. Her roommate (and best friend from childhood) Sujin is obsessed with beauty and saving for the operation(s) that she believes will change her life. Across the hall is Kyuri (who is drop dead gorgeous and has had many operations) and works at a “room salon” where she entertains businessmen while they drink (becoming a room salon girl is Sujin’s biggest goal). Kyuri’s roommate is Miho (an artist who lived in New York for school), who is dating a very wealthy guy. And downstairs from the four girls is Wonna, newly married and trying to have a baby. Ultimately, this is a book about friendship. I loved these women. I loved their friendships. And I tore through the book. Highly recommend!

Author: frances cha