While this book was excellent (beautiful story, beautiful writing, just a beautiful book in general), it was at times very very hard to read! And I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading it but I do want to warn you. I read it during a week last month where it was thundering and raining every day and I hadn’t been sleeping very well, and this book really affected me. So I would recommend this book 1000%, but I’d also say that it’s probably best to read it when you are in an emotional place to handle all of the heartbreak that comes with reading it. Does that make sense? It is the story of two half-sisters. One is sold into slavery and one marries a white man. Every chapter is the story of a different descendent, working all the way from the 18th century to the 80’s. As someone who doesn’t like short stories, this one was hard. Every chapter was a different heartbreak for different reasons. And just as you felt yourself bonding with the character (or the storyline improving), the book moved on to a different person. A reader commented saying that “it ripped my heart out and threw it down the stairs in every chapter,” and those words are very true. The ending was magical and I really did love it, but I don’t remember the last time a book affected me so much or made me so sad.