Hidden Potential

I really, really love everything that Adam Grant writes (and says!). His podcasts are always my favorite, same goes for his TED talks. And this book is fascinating, maybe even more fascinating than his podcast, which says a lot. I listened to it which I highly recommend as it has a great “cast” of interviewees and the story telling is so good. Honestly, I find this book worth listening too just for the story telling. But really, it’s for anyone who wants to be a little bit better in their field. It really challenges our assumptions about talent and what it takes to improve, grow, and succeed. There are slews of stories about people with innate challenges who overcome those obstacles to become the top at their field. There’s also a ton of practical advice. Things like being more like a sponge to absorb (but also filter out) all the information you come in contact with. With getting comfortable with discomfort. It’s part interesting story, part practical framework to improve and grow. He puts such a huge emphasis on character (vs. innate talent) and walks us through ways to build the character skills to unlock our own potential. I loved this. It’s a quick read or listen, but hugely impactful. I have a feeling I will probably want to listen to it again in six months!