Hidden Pictures

OK I loved this book. I usually reserve A+ ratings for more literary “good” books but this is my favorite thriller in a while. It was just… unputdownable! I stayed up all night as I needed to know what happened. It was twisty, it was dark, it even had a supernatural element. I don’t want to say too much more than that for fear of giving anything away (there are so many twists!) so here is a little plot synopsis. Mallory is twenty years old and a recovering addict. At one point, she had her whole life ahead of her but we know that something bad enough happened to get her addicted to heroin. Fresh out of rehab, her sponsor gets her a job babysitting for an affluent family outside of Philadelphia. She loves her job. The child, Teddy, is a delight and she quickly bonds with the family. Plus, she has the stability she craves and after work she can focus on her running. Things start to unravel as Teddy begins drawing very dark photos. A man dragging a woman’s body through the dirt. A woman being buried alive. As the stick figure drawings evolve into more elaborate drawings (that a 5 year old could never draw), Mallory is convinced that a spirit is channeling Teddy’s body to tell a story. But with her precarious background, will anyone believe her? This was SUCH a page turner. I loved it so much and want everyone to read it!

Author: Jason Rekulak