Her Three Lives

I was conflicted on this one! I was really excited about it but struggled through the first 2/3 of the book. But I will tell you, the ending was really good. I’d describe this more as a suspense read vs. a thriller, but still enjoyed it. Jade Thompson is a successful influencer with an sexy (older!) architect fiance, Greg. It’s not without problems, though: Jade’s family has a past and Greg’s ex-wife and children hate her and are convinced that Jade just wants his money. One day, they are horribly attacked.  Greg ends up in a coman with a horrible brain injury and Jade loses the baby. They are both deeply affected by this and Greg begins to wonder if perhaps he is worth more to Jade dead vs. alive. Should he listen to his family’s concerns? Is Jade just a mid-life crisis mistake? Meanwhile, Jade has her own issues and concerns. Neither of them knows whether to trust the other. This one takes several twists and turns and it definitely drags a bit in the beginning but the ending makes up for it, in my opinion! Keep with it!!!! Order it on Amazon or Bookshop.org