Heart Bones

One thing I really love about Colleen Hoover and her books is that she always surprises you. Is it a thriller? A romance? A suspense novel? You don’t really know. This one, I’d almost describe as YA – good YA, though. A YA romance with a twist. It was not my favorite of hers but to be quite honest, I’d take a “decent” Colleen Hoover book over most books – it still gets an A-! I love everything she writes. Beyah grows up poor and hungry in Kentucky with an addict mother. Her mother steals every penny her father sends for drugs, yet Beyah still manages to thrive, getting a volleyball scholarship to a great school. When her mother dies, Beyah packs up and heads to live with her father in Texas, keeping secrets from him. Upon arriving, she has a whole new family: a stepsister, stepmother, the father she barely knows. For the first time in her life she has a comfortable life – but the walls are still up and she isn’t trusting. When she meets Samson, who comes from a family of wealth, they soon realize they have more in common than meets the eye and find themselves falling in love. But they’re both holding back secrets. There’s a twist I didn’t see coming and I didn’t love the end but it was still satisfying and fun to read.