Head Over Heels

When Becca told me that I had to read this romance novel about gymnastics, I was not exactly sold. But I “knew” the author from social media and after reading some really heavy books this month, I desperately wanted to something light and happy where the ending was tied up in a bow. And this book delivered! It’s so much more than just a romance story. There’s a redemption story (I love when a character gets her act together and finds her passion… falling in love along the way), a powerful friendship between the female characters, and the coaching dynamic was very sweet and heartwarming. Avery is a former gymnast whose career was ended at the Olympic trials with a devastating injury. Since then, she’s never been able to get her act together… dropping out of college and never really figuring out her passion. When she’s brutally dumped by her quarterback boyfriend, she returns back to her hometown, desperate for a fresh start but unsure what that will look like. When an old (and very handsome) acquaintance reaches out with a coaching job she accepts, and things finally start to fall into place. But it’s not all perfect… there’s a shocking scandal that rocks the gymnastics world, and old struggles with her former best friend and coach (who are now married!). I read this in a day and absolutely loved it.

Author: Hannah Orenstein