Hate Follow

I was given an ARC of this one and was excited for it as you know I will read anything about influencers! Whitney Golden is a widowed mom to four girls. She is also an influencer. When she lost her husband four years ago, she sought solace in Instagram and now she has over a million followers. On her blog and Instagram she shares her life as a mother (and of course, her four children). When her fifteen year old daughter Mia decides she doesn’t want to be on social media anymore, she demands that her siblings and their deceased father be removed from Whitney’s channels. Whitney refuses: how else would she continue to provide for her family? Without a college degree or any technical skills… even if she wanted to shut it all down, how would their family survive. Mia decides to sue her mother for invasion of privacy. The case garners national attention as it would set a precedent for privacy laws and what parents can post about their children. As both Whitney and Mia’s lives implode, there is a media firestorm and an unrelenting amount of bashing from Internet snarkers. Whitney must make a difficult decision. I ultimately enjoyed this. I felt like it is the first book I’ve read like this, but I do wish it went deeper. Or even darker. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but it all just felt to simple to me I guess. Still, a fun beach read.. you can read it in a few hours.