Happy And You Know It

This one has gotten a TON of but I wasn’t sure what I would think. For whatever reason I have always loved books about rich Upper East Side New York moms (or teens – hello Gossip Girl!). It’s a fun genre, and also a peek into a lifestyle so different from my own. But you also never know. Books like this can be done well (I think of Lauren Weisberger or Liane Moriarty) or not so well (there have been so many of these sort of books that have never made it to the blog as they’re terrible and I DNF them. But when Book of the Month chooses something, it’s almost always EXCELLENT – I trust their recs so much. I’m happy to report that this book did not disappoint. It’s about Claire, a musician who has just been kicked out of her band (JUST as the band makes it big) who out of desperation takes a job as a “playgroup musician” (yes that is an actual job!!!) for a group of six wealthy New York moms. She finds herself falling in love with the women and forming a real friendship with her new employers. There’s Whitney (the ringleader) who lives in a palatial apartment on the park, sarcastic and funny Amara who isn’t taking to being a full time mom very well, and 4 other women. But as time goes on, we realize each of the women have some pretty big secrets. I won’t say anymore but I really, really enjoyed the book. I found each of the characters likeable in their own way, and thought it was both fun and well-written!