Greenwich Park

I am calling it now, I think that Greenwich Park is going to be the Girl on the Train of 2022. If you like those types of thrillers (you know how much I love them!), you will not be able to put this book down… it is just so good. We have it all… an unreliable narrator, a potentially dangerous and destructive new best friend, erratic behavior, etc. There is definitely a content warning for infertility and also for rape/sexual assault so keep those things in mind… but this book is excellent! Helen is living a perfect life. A baby on the way, a handsome architect husband, and a beautiful Victorian home in London’s poshest neighborhood that they are renovating. When she meets Rachel at a prenatal class, she’s a little bit caught off guard (Rachel is much younger, brash and unconventional… smoking and drinking even while pregnant) but the two women strike up an unlikely friendship. They’re both a little lonely, and soon they’ll both be new moms! As time goes on though, she begins to wonder what Rachel actually wants… and it seems like Rachel may actually be a huge danger to her family and everything they’ve worked so hard to build. I will say no more but this book is twisty and smart and totally unputdownable. Two solid thumbs up from me! Order on or Amazon.