Goodnight Beautiful

I LOVED THIS! You know that my favorite genre is twisty thrillers (or Gone Girl rip-offs, as Becca lovingly calls them). I read so many of these sort of books though that the twists have stopped hitting me as hard. Or, I guess them. This one had SO many good twists and was different from any other thriller I’ve read. Sam Statler and Annie Potter are newlyweds in love! They’ve left New York City to move to a small town upstate. Sam’s mother is in a home for her dementia, and Sam’s opened his own therapy practice (where he tends to a mostly needy, mostly female clientele). The only thing: there’s a vent in the ceiling and every word of his conversations can be heard upstairs. What’s wrong with a little eavesdropping? One day, a French girl in a mini cooper shows up. And from there, everything begins to unravel. Sam disappears, horrible money issues come to light, and Annie begins to wonder if she every really knew her husband at all. The first couple chapters of this felt a little sleepy, but then it gets GOOD. I highly recommend this one if you love a good twist as much as I do. Order on or Amazon.

Author: Aimee Molloy