Good Rich People

This book is highly fucked up (and highly skippable, if you ask me) but it’s had so much buzz and I wanted to see what happened. It’s twisty, that’s for sure! Lyla and her husband Graham are as rich as they come, living in a glass house in the Hollywood Hills (below Graham’s mother Margot’s castle). They are bored, sinister, and will do anything to entertain themselves… including playing a little bit of a game. The game is simple: they invite people who are self-made success stories to live in their guest house… and then, slowly but surely, dismantle that person’s life. When Demi moves in, they know she is special. Except Demi has her own secrets. For start, she isn’t exactly Demi. She’s struggled her whole life and through a chance accident, has had the opportunity to steal a stranger’s life. Even though I didn’t love this book, I kept reading as I needed to know what happened. And it ended up being kind of fun (but also a little bit insufferable to read). So I would say that you could probably skip it, even though a small part of me enjoyed it just a little bit. Order on or Amazon!

Author: Eliza Jane Brazier