I am fairly certain that this is going to be one of fall’s most buzzy books. So you might as well pre-order your copy now! It was certainly one of my personal most anticipated reads and I was thrilled to be sent a galley. Glossier, was, at its peak (and maybe its peak is yet to come!) considered one of the most innovative, disruptive beauty brands out there. And its founder, Emily Weiss, one of the most compelling and intriguing female founders (and also one of the few “girlbosses” — hate that term but I can tell that Meltzer felt the same — to avoid being cancelled during all of the female founder takedowns that came a couple years ago). The book follows Weiss from her days as the “superintern” at Teen Vogue (fun fact: she was on The Hills – I never watched, but thought that was interesting!) through jobs in media and building Into the Gloss (this was once upon a time my absolute favorite blog/site to visit; I never missed a Top Shelf!) to launching and growing Glossier. Meltzer’s reporting is fantastic. She had access to Emily herself (note: this book is juicy at times but it is not a takedown), and interviewed everyone: Weiss, former employees, investors, etc. The provides an objective take on what happened at Glossier — from its soaring successes to its missteps, to Weiss ultimately stepping down as SEO. I found it fascinating, how Weiss was able to turn her blog into a 1.9 billion dollar business. I had also always been so curious about why she stepped down as CEO. I devoured this, reading it in just two days (not typically the case with me and non-fiction!). I highly recommend it. It doesn’t come out until September 12th, but it’s worth the wait, I promise.

Author: Marisa Meltzer