I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this book as the reviews have been so mixed! I will tell you that while it is British, it is much less “British chick lit” than I thought it would be (a positive – that is not really my genre, the writing style can get so rambly; I prefer a more direct style of writing). I really liked the writing. I liked the plot too. Nina Dean is a successful cookbook author, owns her own flat, and is living a pretty great life with great friends (including her long time ex and his girlfriend Lucy). When she meets Max on a dating app, sparks fly and things move quickly . They date for four months, when out of the blue… Max ghosts her. Nina is devastated (and at the same time dealing with her father’s Alzheimer’s, Lucy’s annoying hen do (bachelorette), and issues with her friends. I thought this was really well written, relatable and poignant (it’s probably the most realistic look at modern dating I’ve read in awhile), and also very funny at times too. This one is our November Bad on Paper book club pick and I’m excited to talk about it (and ghosting) in greater detail. Order on or Amazon.